What you will learn from this eBook

  • Choosing a Good Topic

    The food blogging world is full of great things to write about. To stand out from the crowd, it's best to narrow the focus of your blog. I'll help you choose something that interests you.

  • Choosing a Blog Name

    See how to choose a name that highlights the topic of your blog while avoiding pitfalls that could limit your future success or possibly even land you in legal trouble.

  • Setting Up Your Blog

    Step by step instructions for setting up your own WordPress blog with either a free or inexpensive hosting option. Choose the best platform for your budget and blogging goals.

  • Styling Your Blog

    Learn how to customize the look of your blog with a list of freely available themes, and learn how to install your own theme to make your blog all your own.

  • Taking Great Food Photos

    Tips & tricks for taking great food photos using a smartphone camera and free photo-editing apps. Learn to set up your own budget-friendly artificial lighting and backgrounds.

  • Food Blogger Resources

    Get even more tips that are specific to food bloggers, and learn where to find inspiration for creative recipes and food styling.

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About the Authors

Tempie Hughes, the blogger behind HealthierDishes.com, enjoys cooking and creating healthy recipes to share with you on her blog. Her food philosophy has evolved over the years. She has made it her mission to eliminate processed foods from the recipes she publishes to include only real food. She is a believer in making health lifestyle changes rather than following fad diets to maintain long-term health. Tempie is also interested in helping other aspiring food bloggers start and operate their own websites.

Gary Hughes is a self-employed software developer. He and Tempie work together on technical issues with the blog on an as-needed basis. He gladly shares his technical knowledge with others and believes in keeping things as simple as possible.

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